Yes, the Men Are Monsters…

…but what about the women?

This past week, various news sources have reported on the sex trafficking ring out of Florida. Most of the stories are centered on which ultra rich (mostly) white male is being charged in connection with this horrific situation. We’ve all seen the names, Kraft, Childs, so-and-so’s boyfriend.

But what about the women?

What most journalists seem to forget are the victims of this multi-million dollar enterprise. In this case, women mostly from China, who were likely promised real jobs in a day spa. Women who lived in poverty in their home region, promised a better life and the American Dream.

When did the American Dream begin involving sex for money with rich, old, white dudes?

The kicker is, these women are terrified to testify against their abusers. And I don’t even mean people like Kraft and Childs. I’m referring to the men AND women who held them against their will. The people, and I call them that loosely, who took their passports, who told them if they didn’t “pay their way”, family members back home would suffer. These women are still afraid of retaliation from the ones who promised them something better.

It doesn’t help that the areas they hail from have a history of police corruption. They are taught, from a young age, not to trust anyone in law enforcement. So, even though the police involved now are trying to help, trying to get enough information to prosecute everyone involved, these women are too afraid to help.

At this time, there is only one woman involved that is cooperating.

In this writer’s personal opinion, it also doesn’t help that President Trump is standing up for Robert Kraft, stating, “He’s proclaimed his innocence totally.” What does that say to the people of the United States? The same thing most have believed for a lot longer than this investigation has been ongoing. That if you’re rich, white, and a man, you can do whatever you’d like.

With the local police having video evidence of every person charged so far, I think it’s long past time to stop standing up for those charged, and start standing up for their victims.

I think, therefore, I write. /Posts may contain affiliate links.

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