You’re so right about smelling good. I have literally chased someone down to ask what they are wearing. Men and women.

There was a woman who was the mother of a guy I worked with when I was a teen, then became an insurance client of mine years later. She had a perfume custom made for her. It smelled divine. I joked that I could smell her in a crowd.

I was right. Ten years later, I was at a rooftop bar at the beach, and I smelled it. I told my friends I knew that scent, it had to be her. I roamed around for almost an hour looking for her, and finally spotted her. She said she couldn’t believe I recognized her. I told her it was the perfume and she chuckled. She turned to her husband and said, see, i told you it was worth the money you spend.

Apparently, she had a thing for me, but thought it inappropriate to come on to me, since I was friends with her step-son. I was in my 30s when we met again, and we had all been drinking, so she ended up telling me. She and I hooked up a few times, and it was pretty amazing.

I’ll never smell anything patchouli based and not think of her.

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